We Build a Strong Foundation

Prepress is the process of preparing digital files for printing and publishing. Sounds simple, but there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes.

Shawmut’s experienced prepress staff work with the cutting-edge technology to ensure a consistent and smooth production process for every project. Our experienced desktop operators configure complex data requirements and ensure every file is ready for its final destination.

We Increase Efficiency and Convenience

It all starts with our proprietary web portal called Shawmut Insight which allows clients to upload files, approve proofs, review job status, manage storefronts, and more.

Once files are uploaded to Shawmut Insight they go through our automated pre-flight program and an alert is sent to the client’s Customer Service Representative (CSR). Additionally the CSR receives a report that identifies any discrepancies between the file and the quote as well as any errors such as missing fonts or images. And with Shawmut Insight, you’ll always know where your job stands. We track every phase of our production process which you can access online 24/7.

We Ensure Every Project Has a Strong Finish

Attention to detail and adding special finishing touches can make or break the success of a project. Our experienced bindery department handles unique die-cutting, saddle stitching, custom folding and much more. Their precision ensures that every project finishes strong.

We Provide Exceptional Value

Smart marketers know that to generate the best response rates, it is important to reach audiences across multiple channels. As a full-service marketing communications company, Shawmut bridges the gap between the print and digital world. We connect our award-winning print work to online communications such as landing pages, email campaigns, social media and more—creating a seamless experience for our clients. Our ability to deliver integrated marketing campaigns and provide support through every step provides exceptional value for our clients.