At Shawmut, our goal is to exceed client expectations with every project and that begins with quality. To that end, we have pursued several certifications that enable us to consistently deliver quality products and services.

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership LogoShawmut is proud to be an SGP certified printer and the first facility to be certified in Massachusetts. The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the printing industry’s most advanced supply chain certification authority—driving profits, efficiency, and accountability for the world’s leading brands. As the most comprehensive sustainability model in the industry, SGP-certified facilities work with customers and the larger print community to develop innovative best practices and pursue a more accountable and sustainable supply chain. Together these practices reduce our environmental impact while increasing our shared social responsibility. Endorsed by the SGIA, TLMI, FTA, and other industry groups, SGP is the leading non-profit accreditation organization promoting sustainability in all printing processes throughout the United States and Canada.

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GRACoL 7 Color System

GraCOL 7 Color Certification LogoGRACoL 7, otherwise known as G7, is a specification used to provide consistent grayscale reproduction across multiple devices, processes and media. Using the G7 color control system Shawmut is able to provide clients with greater consistency and color matching across various print jobs and paper stocks. This allows for shorter make-readies, reduced waste and lower costs—all important features which benefit customers. Additionally, G7 color certification supports lean manufacturing processes and our environmental initiatives.

Graphic Measures International (GMI)

Graphic Measures InternationalShawmut’s offset lithographic printing services (both process color and spot color) have been awarded GMI certification by SGS & Co., a leader in Print Quality Management (PQM) programs. The GMI certification process includes thorough evaluation of print quality, vendor capacity and ability to deliver on exact specifications. Major corporations like Target and CVS use GMI-certified printers exclusively to ensure consistency in their packaging across the world. Shawmut aims for GMI levels of compliance on every job, ensuring consistent and quality packaging for every client.

HIPAA Privacy Compliance

HIPAA Privacy Compliant LogoShawmut understands that HIPAA compliance is critical for today’s leading healthcare organizations. Their patients trust that their private information will be protected and it is our duty to ensure that trust is not broken.

With the support of a national leader in HIPAA training, Shawmut became an HIPAA Privacy Compliant organization in 2015. We have implemented the proper safeguards, systems and procedures to protect sensitive personal health information. This enables Shawmut to provide end-to-end communication solutions for healthcare clients of all sizes.