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All of the services and expertise you need to create powerful and cost-effective direct mail campaigns.

Direct mail continues to be one of the most successful marketing channels—outperforming response rates for digital channels by a long shot. With direct mail, brands can cut through the digital clutter and deliver tangible, personalized messages that capture attention. But to achieve true marketing glory, direct mail cannot stand alone. Promotional mail works best in combination with other targeted marketing strategies and when it is executed by an experienced mail service provider.
Enhance direct mail programs and improve ROI with Shawmut MailPlus.

All of Your Mailing Needs Under One Roof

Shawmut can help you build your mailing list, optimize your data, and attain the most affordable postage rates available. Here’s how we can help:

Identify Prospects and Grow Your Mail List

We use a combination of industry-leading data providers and our own MailPlus software to help brands identify new prospects and enhance existing mailing lists. We’ll start by learning as much as we can about your audience demographics, interests, and behavioral triggers, as well as new segments you may want to target. From there, we’ll help you acquire targeted mailing lists and capture new leads from your website.

  • List acquisition
  • Predictive modeling
  • Phone and list data appends
  • LeadMatch

Clean and Process Your Data

Messy database files or invalid addresses can wreak havoc on a direct mail campaign. That’s why we carefully process each mailing list to remove invalid addresses—saving you money on print and postage. Our mailing team will run a CASS certification and a check against the NCOA database to ensure optimal deliverability rates. In addition, we offer other database management services such as de-duping, segmenting, merging and other data cleaning activities.

  • CASS Certification
  • NCOA
  • Merge, Purge, Dedupe
  • DNM (Do Not Mail Suppression)
  • Deceased Suppression
  • DSF2

Quickly Spot Errors with our Data Preflight Tool

Shawmut also has a data preflight tool to help catch any database errors early on in the production process. Once a client uploads their database, our preflight tool will run an automated check and alert the Customer Service Representative of any issues such as mismatched column headers and data, formatting issues, and any non-domestic addresses that may appear in the list.

Save Time with Combined Print and Mail Services in one Place

At Shawmut, our mailroom is steps away from our pressroom and bindery which can save significant production costs and travel time. Rather than relying on one vendor for print and another to mail, marketers can simplify direct mail by choosing a vendor with in-house mailing services. Our full-service mail department processes approximately 1 million pieces of mail each month including direct mail campaigns for B2B, B2C, education, non-profit clients.

  • Automated folding, inserting, and tabbing
  • Metering/Stamping

Personalize and Segment Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaigns that are personalized produce response rates that are 3–10x higher than generic campaigns. Variable data services and digital printing capabilities allow marketers to personalize direct mail campaigns based on a recipient’s gender, location, language preference, shopping history, age, and many other factors. Our variable data specialists create programming rules to swap out text or images based on audience segments and other triggers in your database. You can start small by using the recipients’ first name or create thousands of unique variations with advanced database rules and segmentation.

  • In-line addressing and barcoding
  • Variable data programming and digital printing

Reach Audiences with Any Mail Format

Because we offer comprehensive print and mailing services under one roof, we’re able to help clients create just about any type of direct mail campaign. Small budgets are no problem with cost-effective postcards and self-mailers. Or if you’re looking to send a more creative option we can help you create a show-stopping dimensional direct mail campaign. From boxes and tubes to uniquely folded pieces and standard #10 envelope mailers, we’ve done it all.

  • Dimensional, standard, and creative mail formats
  • Design and packaging services
  • Promotional products
  • On-site kitting and fulfillment

Save Money on Postage

Our mailing experts who are certified Mailpiece Design Consultants stay up-to-date on the latest USPS mailing regulations and discount programs. Through our close partnership with the USPS, we can also provide an up-front analysis of your direct mail campaign to eliminate compliance issues before they start. And as a commercial mail service provider, we can take advantage of deeper postal discounts and enhanced services like mail tracking and address correction.

  • Postal discount processing: NDF, SCF, DDU
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)
  • Every Door Direct Mail
  • Mail tracking services with Shawmut MailPlus

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Shawmut MailPlus

Track results, boost response rates and combine direct mail with digital marketing using Shawmut MailPlus. Our software has all the tools you need to enhance direct mail programs and improve ROI.