Print & Fulfillment

Creating value for customers requires more than a great product or service—it requires trust. Trust separates a brand from its competitors and leads to long-term customer relationships and brand advocates. Relying solely on digital channels can come at the expense of brand trust and credibility—attributes which heavily influence purchase decisions.

So how can you build trust? Great print materials may be the answer. In fact, research shows that 56% of people find print to be the most trustworthy source of information.

“Print and direct mail require more effort and a financial investment. With digital, it’s all about volume and anyone can create an ad campaign in a few clicks. Print adds validity to your message and shows the customer that you’ve taken the time to invest in communicating with them.”

— Matthew Traub, obp

printed brochures at shawmut

Commercial Print Services

At Shawmut, we support hundreds of clients every year and produce top-notch direct mailers, marketing collateral, dimensional mailers, fundraising support materials and much more. Whether you need marketing collateral, catalogs, direct mailers, or other materials we can help you create materials that stand out—and distribute them effectively through our fulfillment services.

Unlike many printers that outsource various parts of their production, Shawmut continues to invest in the technology and resources to handle your job use from start to finish. Our in-house commercial printing services include:

  • Offset, digital, and wide format printing
  • A full-service bindery for cutting, unique folds, die-cutting, perfect binding, and more
  • Storage, kitting, and fulfillment
  • Direct mail services
  • Prepress and design services
  • Shawmut Insight, our production management software that allows you to track each stage of your project

Interested in our commercial print services? Get in touch!

Offset Printing

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count with marketing materials that convey the essence and quality of your brand.

Shawmut Communications Group has been providing offset printing services for more than 65 years. We are experts in color, paper, finishing and all of the processes that go into producing beautiful offset print work. Our job is to make your business look good and we have a pretty good track record of doing so.

In addition to cutting-edge print equipment, Shawmut invests in certifications and ongoing training to ensure our staff produces materials in the most efficient way possible. We are G7 certified to ensure greater color consistency and matching across various print jobs and paper stocks. We are also a HIPAA Privacy Compliant organization and are SGP and FSC certified.

Equipment and Capabilities to Make You Look Good

Our offset production equipment includes an 8-color press which prints on both sides in one pass using H-UV ink technology. Unlike conventional inks, H-UV inks dry instantly— reducing the overall production time. In addition, H-UV inks lower emissions, energy and ink consumption furthering Shawmut’s commitment to environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practices. With our advanced H-UV press customers can expect:

  • Faster turnaround time with 2-sided printing and UV inks that dry instantly
  • Increased color vibrancy and greater resistance to smudging
  • The ability to print on a wider range of substrates including plastics
  • Lower environmental impact

Specialty Coatings

Choosing the right coating for your printed material is an important step in production. In some cases, coatings provide important protection against scuffing and scratching but they can also add significant visual interest to your printed piece. Use them to add stunning visual effects, textures, and degrees of protection that best suit your project. Whether you’re looking to make an image pop with a spot gloss or add an overall texture to your piece, our coatings can help your next print piece stand out from the crowd. Our offset coatings can be applied as a spot or overall and include:

  • Gloss, dull, or matte
  • Soft Touch
  • MotionCoat
  • Pearl
  • Grit

Specialty Inks

Printing is no longer limited to CMYK. Brands can achieve a near-perfect color match by using Pantone colors and specialty inks let you explore some new possibilities. Most specialty inks can also be used with a wide variety of printing equipment including conventional offset, UV offset, or digital printing presses. Some of our favorites include:

  • PMS inks
  • Metallic inks
  • White ink

Digital Printing

We want to do more than deliver a beautifully printed digital piece. We want to help you get noticed, build personal connections and create a better customer experience.

Our digital print solutions combine the cost savings and convenience of short-run digital printing with the latest technology, variable data techniques, and special effects. With two digital presses, we deliver outstanding print quality that rivals any offset press. Our digital printing capabilities also offer:

  • Liquid and toner ink technology options
  • Intelligent automation solutions for variable text, images, URLs and more
  • Pantone color matching so you can always stay on brand
  • Raised print and digital embossing to create an impactful tactile effect
  • White, transparent and metallic inks to highlight the creativity of your piece
  • Unique substrates including window clings, magnets and more

Personalize Your Marketing with Variable Data

Creating personalized marketing pieces is easy, fast, and affordable with variable data printing. Variable Data Printing, otherwise known as VDP, allows you to swap out text or images from any data source (customer or donor records, product inventories, financials, etc.) as materials are digitally printed. Depending on the data you can personalize the message and/or design based on a recipient’s gender, location, buying preference, shopping history, age, and many other variables.

Shawmut’s variable data capabilities include: 

  • Variable text and images to segment campaigns and increase relevancy
  • In-line addressing and barcoding to lower costs and improve delivery speed
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs) for custom landing pages that increase response rates
  • Ability to develop custom integrations with 3rd party applications to improve customer workflow and efficiency
  • A quality process that ensures correct placement of data from start to finish

Print What You Need, When You Need It

Digital printing allows customers to print in small quantities which can help lower print marketing budgets and reduce waste. With this digital printing, there is no minimum order quantity so you can print what you need when you need it. That also means you’ll be able to update your marketing materials as often as you need to without worrying about outdated information or paying hefty storage fees. You can also combine digital print capabilities with convenient online ordering systems which allow you to print materials on-demand so you’ll always be in control of print production, inventories, and budgets.

Global Print Capabilities

Attending a trade show in London? Want to get materials out to your global sales team quickly? Shawmut’s global print capabilities make it easy to print and distribute materials globally while saving you valuable time and money.

We’re a member of a global digital print network which allows us to send print files to any other printer in the network—optimizing idle production time, reducing environmental impact, and creating a more cost-efficient production process. If you need materials to arrive overseas quickly, we’ll leverage intelligently route files to the printer nearest the final shipping destination. This helps significantly cut down the time it takes for the order to arrive as we are often able to bypass customs and lengthy transit schedules.

Wide Format Printing

Traditionally “wide format printing” had been defined by the size of the final product. But at Shawmut the only limit is imagination. With an extensive array of unique substrates, our wide format printing not only expands the available printing space, it increases the selection of materials and substrates—helping your business stand out from the crowd.

We bring our clients decades of wide format printing experience and offer:

  • Advice to help you choose the best materials for your project and budget
  • Packaging prototypes that bring ideas to life without draining your budget
  • Expert color correction and photo retouching
  • Elite finishing techniques including contour cutting, lamination, and grommets

What We Produce: 

  • Posters & Signage
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Window Graphics
  • Table Tents
  • Dry Erase boards
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Banner stands
  • Lightboxes
  • Floor Graphics
  • Name badges

Print Your Message Anywhere

With wide format printing, you can really get creative. From larger than life wall murals to brick walkways and more there’s no limit to what you can brand. Here are just some of the surfaces we print on:

  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Doors
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Cork Boards
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Vinyl

Unique Substrates to Help You Stand Out

Using substrates other than paper is often dictated by usage (i.e. printing on outdoor signage or apparel) but in other cases, it’s another opportunity to get creative.  Choosing unique substrates for your print project offer enormous opportunity to appeal to a customer’s sense of touch, ultimately influencing recognition, recall, and purchasing decisions and there’s a huge selection of substrates with wide format printing.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Foam core board
  • Ultraboard
  • Sintra
  • Dibond
  • HydroSol
  • Scrim and adhesive vinyl
  • Leather, copper, PVC, and aluminum
  • Backlit film
  • Phototex

Fulfillment Services

Great materials are a good starting point, but if you can’t get them into the right hands at the right time you risk losing your opportunity completely. Whether you need to drop ship offset or digital print projects or store and ship printed products as-needed, we’ve got you covered. Our fulfillment services include:

  • Robust shipping department
  • Modern warehouse
  • Inventory Management
  • Secure Storage
  • Pick and pack services
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Logistics
  • Trade show management services

Expert Shipping and Logistics

Our shipping experts and fulfillment specialists have extensive experience with domestic and international shipping requirements—ensuring that your delivery arrives safely and in the most economical way possible.

Kitting and Assembly

Looking to create an employee or customer welcome program? Need ready-to-go sales folders for your team? Or want to send a dimensional mail program with multiple components? Our kitting and assembly team can help you create and distribute any type of custom kit, box, mailing and more.