Shawmut MailPlus

Are you interested in boosting your direct mail response rate by up to 46%? Shawmut MailPlus can help.

What is MailPlus?

MailPlus is a marketing-based solution that’s designed to track your direct mail campaigns and enhance results through integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Why choose MailPlus?

MailPlus elevates your direct mail campaigns by pairing them with digital marketing strategies. Customers see your campaign multiple times on multiple channels, which drives more sales.

How does it work?

  • Your direct mail campaign and matching digital ads are created
  • Your direct mail piece is sent to recipients
  • Direct mail recipients see social media ads ahead of your mailer
  • Informed Delivery users see a clickable scan of your campaign in their email
  • Your direct mail piece arrives in mailboxes
  • Matching social media ads continue after the mail piece arrives
  • Google and social media retargeting ads are shown to website visitors
  • Anonymous web visitors are identified and matched back to your mail list to prove direct mail campaign attribution