Shawmut MailPlus

Track results, boost response rates and combine direct mail with digital marketing using Shawmut MailPlus. Our software has all the tools you need to enhance direct mail programs and improve ROI.

Bring Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Efforts Together

Combine the physical benefits and higher response rates of direct mail with online advertising strategies, including retargeting through Google Display Network and social media. With MailPlus online and offline channels come together in one convenient platform—giving you a holistic view of your marketing campaigns.

Higher Return on Investment

Adding online retargeting to direct mail campaigns can improve response rates by an average of 25%. In a few simple steps, add online, social media and Informed Delivery email advertising to every direct mail campaign—generating thousands of additional impressions which will increase conversions and maximize return on investment.

No Leads Left Behind

It can take an average of 8–12 interactions before a lead converts. That’s why repetition is key to success. If a prospect visits your website after receiving a direct mail campaign and leaves without taking any action, MailPlus will keep them warm through online and social media follow up ads until they are ready to buy.

Improved Sales System

With MailPlus you’ll know exactly when every piece of mail delivers helping you better prepare sales teams and call centers for inbound leads. Plus, you can track and record inbound calls which can provide valuable insight into your audience and sales process.

Measure and Optimize

With MailPlus, you’ll know exactly which people from your mailing list visited your website and what actions they took, as well as the number of impressions and clicks generated from online ads. This data can help you run tests, grow your mailing list, and optimize direct mail campaigns moving forward.