Brand Dimensional Mail

Branded dimensional mail and promotional products deliver results for Zoll Medical Corporation

"Shawmut helped us come up with a unique way to entice our audience. Rather than sending out a flat mailer or brochure we were able to grab attention by using a dimensional box that pushed people to learn more about our pediatric CPR solutions. I enjoy working with the team at Shawmut because I know we're going to get great creativity, quality services and the support we need to get the project done seamlessly."

-Laura Elliott, Marketing Manager, Zoll Medical Corporation

ZOLL Medical Corporation, which develops and markets medical devices and software solutions that advance emergency care, knows that dimensional mail delivers. With an average rate of return 2.5% higher than regular mail, Zoll uses dimensional mail to reach their target audience of busy medical professionals and hospital purchasers.


The goal for this campaign was crucial. Zoll needed to increase awareness about the proper techniques for pediatric CPR and how the right sensor can make a life-saving difference. Although previous campaigns (delivered in generic boxes and packaging) had performed well, Zoll wanted to exceed expectations and ensure their vital message was heard.

When Shawmut met with Zoll’s marketing team the ideas started to roll in. Shawmut recommended a custom branded box to grab attention and create a model sensor that had more staying power. Leveraging our experience in promotional products, Shawmut’s team suggested a post-it pad shaped like Zoll’s sensor which would keep their brand front and center.

Although Zoll’s internal marketing team had designed two other touch points that were part of this campaign, they turned to Shawmut for our experience designing dimensional mail pieces. Our design team worked closely with Zoll to create a branded box that integrated seamlessly with their other pieces. With Shawmut’s creativity, recommendations and extensive production capabilities, Zoll was able to take their dimensional mail efforts to the next level and create a lasting brand impression.

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