Opt For Strategy Over Luck

Shawmut 2013 Integrated Marketing Campaign

"The results were more than we could have hoped for. 2013's campaign helped us engage with companies that weren’t familiar with Shawmut. It also provided a conversation starter with many of our existing clients about the additional value we bring to the print products they have come to rely on."

-Michael Peluso, President

In 2013, Shawmut ran a year-long, interactive marketing campaign designed to reposition the organization and generate awareness of our marketing services. Traditionally, Shawmut had been known for our high-quality print services but we wanted to show that we do much more than put ink on paper.

The theme of the campaign was “Don’t rely on luck”. It highlighted the importance of developing a targeted marketing strategy and how Shawmut can support those efforts. We incorporated the use of the lucky number 13 throughout the campaign which tied back to the campaign year and the number of prizes awarded each quarter.

The campaign kicked off with a 3-dimensional box mailer that set the stage for what was to come throughout the year. Over the four quarters, we used symbols of luck such as scratch tickets, slot machines, fortune cookies and four-leaf clovers. The exceptional design was carried out through direct mailers, emails and landing pages. Each touch used a clear call to action and invited recipients to a unique landing page for a chance to win one of the 13 prizes.


In addition to being fun and interactive, people continued to participate because they knew it would increase their chances of winning. More importantly, when people continued to play, Shawmut remained top-of-mind—one of the biggest influencers when it comes time for a client to make a buying decision.

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