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Zipcar's New Member Welcome Kits

"Shawmut has done a fantastic job improving our workflow for new member kits. We have the utmost confidence in their ability to get our Zipcards out accurately and on time. Its given our team peace of mind and I can’t say enough about the support we get from our customer service rep. We no longer have to check on card status and we’re receiving less calls into our member service line. Thank you Shawmut!"

-Eleni Mehanna, Sr. Production Manager, Zipcar

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Zipcar—the world’s leading car-sharing network—strives to create a positive member experience from start to finish. Their new member welcome kit, which includes each member’s unique Zipcard (the mechanism for unlocking the cars), is their first opportunity to make a good impression.

When Zipcar turned to Shawmut, our team of developers and mailing experts created a robust fulfillment and mailing solution that increased efficiency, automation, and accuracy. The program enables Shawmut to easily leverage data from Zipcar’s legacy admin system. Through a series of unique workflows Shawmut is able to assign unique member ID cards from our secure storage area, map those back to Zipcar’s system, and ultimately route the information to our automated mailing solution. The entire process, which includes special processing for card pickup requests and DC area residents, enables new member welcome kits to be mailed within 24 hours.


Shawmut also developed an area of our client dashboard called Shawmut Insight for Zipcar’s staff. There they have online access to program metrics including daily mailing totals, card inventory levels, and available postage. The Zipcar team also received continued support from their dedicated customer service representative who provides quality assurance, troubleshooting, and project management. Shawmut’s ability to combine robust technology solutions with dedicated support has made this program a tremendous success.

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