Streamline Marketing & Sales Operations with a Cloud-based Storefront

A Massachusetts medical device company worked with Shawmut to create a tailored storefront solution.

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A leading developer of medical devices in Massachusetts approached Shawmut with an issue concerning their existing third-party storefront.

Their current vendor could not provide a solution that would allow for centralized ordering of marketing materials, limiting different market views, and filtering by language and product type.

After in-depth consultation, Shawmut provided a cloud-based marketing management platform that met their needs and allowed for ordering of all of their marketing materials from one centralized location. The platform provides segmentation by marketing, sales, distributors, and manufacturer’s reps both internationally and domestically. The site includes over 2400 POD collateral and 400 inventory items, trade show materials,
and promotional products all organized by language, market, and product.

The storefront has search functionality by part number and description and can be filtered by language. All storefront orders allow for domestic and international shipping, email confirmation, order limits, and approvals if needed. The approval process can be based on the total order amount and the specific part number, if necessary. The reporting system is robust and detailed, providing real-time inventory tracking, product movement analysis, and customizable reports that can be sent via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

After the initial implementation, additional features were requested to further streamline the company’s operations. Shawmut created a “piggy bank” that representatives could draw from on all promotional items, allowing reps to buy products from a set budget allocated by managers. They also requested the ability to co-brand templates for distributors, allowing them to customize PODs with their logos and contact information.

The Challenge

Finding a robust cloud-based storefront solution.

The Solution

Working with Shawmut to create a tailored storefront solution that meets their team’s needs.

The Benefit

Shawmut was able to help a Massachusetts medical device company implement and customize a modern storefront that streamlines their sales and marketing operations, improves efficiency, and reduces costs.

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