Marketing Science: “Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand”

Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand

Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand: The Neuroscience of Touch

A look at communications through the lens of neuroscience, this discussion and guidebook explore haptics—the study of how the things we touch shape the way we feel—and the science behind why our haptic brains respond so well to haptic brands.

Presented by Daniel Dejan, Print and Creative Manager, Sappi etc.

As an educator, designer, humanist, mentor and lover of all things graphic arts, Daniel Dejan has been an evangelist for the power of paper and print for the span of his career. He is the face of the etc (education-training- consulting) group at Sappi North America where he delivers etc services to Sappi’s wide range of clients.

With more than 40 years of design, production, print buying and on-press experience, Dejan is always ready to share his knowledge of the successful and effective marriage of print and paper. As a certified G7 Expert, Dejan is an authority in both Color and Color Management and an avid student of color perception and color theory as it relates to branding and printed color reproduction. He co-chaired the Spectrum Conference in 2007 and is currently a member of the Board of Directors for IDEAlliance/IPA.