Marketing Science: “Make Good Great”

A Maker's Field Guide

Make Good Great: A Maker’s Guide to Texture and Color

Paper is a powerful tool, on par with copy and design in its ability to deliver, enhance, and create a memorable impact. A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color—a must-have for designers—serves to inspire, educate, and demonstrate how using high-quality materials, can transform printed communications from “Good to Great.”

Presented by Molly Rosenthal, National Account Manager, Mohawk

A seasoned print professional, Molly is a true lover of all things print. She is highly skilled at designing and building innovative and successful sales strategies. Her energy is rivaled only by her work ethic, which is why people flock to her for digital printing advice, sales force motivation and to learn about the newest, high-value print applications.

As a National Account Manager for Mohawk, Molly and the other Mohawk employees see thousands of printing companies and end-users around the world to preach the benefits of Mohawks’ extensive digital media offering.

Molly spent more than 20 years selling offset and most recently digital printing. Some call her chatty, others call her funny; either way she is the single source provider of intelligent creativity for print sales, specializing in providing businesses with insight into what their customer’s experience and how that experience impacts their bottom line.